Protect Yourself!

Protect Your Gutters!


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Helps prevent ladder sideways movement

Provides a safer work place for yourself and others

Makes ideal Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift.

Unique two stage pole size to fit multiple size poles

Designed in Australia - Made in USA

Anti-slip technology

Used around the world

Strong yet extremely lightweight

Patented Design

Fits 99% of gutters

Fits 99% of ladders

Ideal for accessing a roof

Protects against scratching gutters

This is an ideal way to show respect for your customer/client's home.

Chances are you and your employees/contractors will climb the ladder several times a day on multiple homes. Climbing onto roofs is inherently a dangerous task. This product can help reduce the chance of yourself or one of your workers becoming badly injured or disabled.

Every trades person gets that nervous feeling when a ladder moves while you are climbing up. This product helps you to be safer and feel more confident. Ask yourself these basic questions:

What do you currently use to prevent ladder movement and gutter damage?

What does your client think when you have scratched their gutters?

What do you do to fix scratched gutters on your client's home?

You should insist every trades person uses it on your home if they don't already own their own.

This product is a great way to show duty of care when a trades person or friend/family member is working on your home to help prevent an accident and potential of liability issues.

Ask yourself, What do you currently use to help prevent accidents and gutter damage when you are doing yearly maintenance and chores around your home. These tasks could be gutter cleaning, hanging Christmas lights, unblocking downspouts, checking for damage to shingles or tiles, painting your house or even removing a tennis ball your kids have hit onto the roof?

(pole not included)